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Why I started Sabooz?

As a child, I grow up in a single mother household with very limited to no resources and I would express my entrepreneurial aspirations by sourcing pecans from local neighborhood pecan trees and selling them to elderly neighbors in my community. I would make enough money to ensure I could buy snacks for my siblings and myself for the week. Throughout my life, I continued my journey in different business ventures and realized my success in business was metered due to the lack of knowledge, resources and tools available to me. I also realized other entrepreneurs around me were experiencing the same challenges. 

I decided to devote my life to learning the formula to success in business with the intent to navigate other entrepreneurs through the jungle of business. Doing so would help other entrepreneurs reduce the bruises and scars I experienced on my journey. In 2022, I decided to launch Sabooz (7-Steps To Grow Your Business Profitably) which is aimed to provide knowledge, guidance and services that increases entrepreneurs success in business. After 17 years of business experience and research, I stand confident that these 7-Steps are essential parts to putting a business on a path to growth and success.