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Should you incorporate and not operate as a sole proprietorship

Lets assume you have an idea that will make you money. You decide to invest your savings in your idea to start a business. You obtain a DBA ( Doing Business As Certificate) and begin selling your product or service. You are now legally in business as a sole proprietorship. THE PROBLEM as a sole proprietor, you and your business are one. Exposing your life savings or property to law suits and creditors. THE SOLUTION incorporating your business is the process of filing a legal entity status with the state to operate your business as a LLC or Corporation. Doing so, coupled with properly maintaining your entity, will give you legal limited liability or complete separation from the obligations of the business. Essentially protecting your personal assets as well as providing additional tax benefits.

LLC  vs Corporation

Ownership: Members
Taxes: Profits & losses flow through to member's personal tax returns
Flexibility: Management & operating structure is less complex
Finance: Great for raising money among members
Ownership: Shareholders
Taxes: Files separate federal income tax return. Earnings can be taxed again if dividends are issued to share holders. 
Flexibility: Management & operating structure is more complex
Finance: Great for raising large sums of money from multi-sources. Can be publicly traded. 

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